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(→‎TjBot: 218.000 biedragen is völle, doarvan ruum 125.000 op Gif m dat botbitje.)
:It looks OK, but the bot started under a bad constellation: I saw a lot of (correctly) deleted interwikis to; to evaluate the bot, it should run a while under normal circumstances. If I haven't whined, I agree to giving it the bot-bit after 18 March. --[[Gebruker:Erik Warmelink|Erik Warmelink]] 00:42, 17 mrt 2011 (CET)
:It has been 18 March (for 2 weeks even), I support giving [[User:Ripchip Bot]] the bot bit. I don't remember errors and I still see Ripchip Bot removing obsolete links.
::I second that. Seems to behave OK. [[Gebruker:Droadnaegel|Droadnaegel]] 21:13, 3 apr 2011 (CEST)