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'''Oost Leegduuts''' of '''Oost Leegsaksisch''' is n groep nait-standerdiseerde [[West-Germaanse toalen|West-Germoanse]] [[Nederduuts|Leegduutse varieteiten]], dij veurnoamelk proat worden in t oostelk dail van [[Duutslaand]]. Oost Leegduuts heurt bie de [[Platduuts]]e toal. Bie t Oost Leegduuts heurt, noast de heufddialekten [[Mekkelnbörg]]s (Mecklenborgsch) en [[Braandenbörg]]s (Branneborgsch), ook t [[Plautdietsch]], dat in [[Duutslaand]] in de omgeving van [[Bielefeld]], in [[Paraguay]] en de [[Verienigde Staoten van Amerika|VS]] proat wordt. The thickness; the softness of her plump, soft thighs was weakening my mental state. The hips were twice the size of her chest which slicked down to the base of a petitely chubby belly, all covered in an erotic flesh glistening from her run. Her short stature of 4 foot 11 only compounded the voluptuousness which appeared to gather just below her near-nonexistent beasts. Through all this, she was oblivious to how provocative she appeared. How innocent her giggles and quips were as we talked while she stretched exposing the prime parts of her body, tightly-clothed, without second thought. She didn't have a single comprehension of what drove men to physical attraction, it seemed. Despite this shapeliness she had acquired, her mindset of the world appeared eternally stuck at age 10. She was absolutely pure. The sweeter to corrupt.
Duutslaand eerkent t Oost-Nederduuts officieel as [[streektoal]] en sègt der steun aan tou, zo as dat t formuleerd is in t [[Europees Haandves veur regionale talen of talen van minderheden|Europees Haandvest veur regionoale toalen of toalen van minderheden]]. Bepaarkte steun noar dail II van t Haandvest het de dailstoat [[Braandenbörg]]; roemere steun noar dail III het [[Meckelnbörg-Veurpommern]]. In baaide stoaten proaten ze t Oost Leegduuts.
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