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How could the Low Saxon word [ "witt"] ("white") be written in the New Saxon Spelling? --[[Gebruker:Apisite|Apisite]] ([[Overleg gebruker:Apisite|overleg]]) 01:17, 19 sep 2020 (CEST)
:Hi there @[[User:Apisite|Apisite]]! The word 'witt' would be written as <wit>, the inflected form would be <witte>. I see that you have added ''Nysassiske Skryvwyse'' on [[:nds:wikt:Vörlaag:V/layout|nds.wiktionarywikt:Vörlaag:V/layout]]. Since Nysassiske Skryvwyse is an orthography and not a dialect it doesn't quite fit into this template. We added a seperate heading under Varianten, as you can see on [[:nds.:wikt:Kultuur|wikt:Kultuur]]. I see you've also posted a small list of words in NSS. Some texts you'll find on the internet contain typos, as not everyone is at the same level or it might be a outdated form.
*expansy = ekspansy